Indiana St Vincent Cardiovascular
Research Institute

St. Vincent Cardiovascular Research Institute is committed to bringing heart and vascular trials to Indianapolis. We have over 50 open trials and our involvement in new studies increases daily. Our longstanding experience doing cardiovascular research began in the 1970s. Today, St. Vincent heart and vascular patients have access to many of the same clinical trials being done at other university-based research centers and medical centers throughout the world.

More Information

If you are a patient interested in more information about open cardiovascular clinical trials call 317-338-6906 or 317-338-8042.

As a not-for-profit cardiovascular research institute:

  • We help recruit patients for clinical trials, manage the informed consent process, and help patients navigate through this experience.
  • We coordinate heart and vascular research activities across nine different categories of CV research.
  • We provide clinical research coordinators who work with the principal investigators throughout our St. Vincent facilities statewide.
  • We increase awareness of cutting-edge cardiovascular research.

At St. Vincent, we can cite many examples where rigorously investigated surgical techniques, medical devices or medication therapies are now part of standard treatment. Our physician-researchers have been on the frontline doing that research and translating the benefits of clinical experience and strong medical science into an overall better heart care experience.

If you are a physician with questions about available clinical trials call 317-338-6906 or 317-338-8042 and see the CVRI Leadership Directory for additional contacts.

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