AWRI Organization and Leadership

The Ascension Wisconsin Research Institute provides administrative, support and oversight functions for research throughout the state. AWRI is headquartered at the Ascension Wisconsin main office in Glendale, WI and  study support staff  work at all main research facilities. 

Executive Leadership

AWRI is led by the  Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Research for Ascension Wisconsin.

The AWRI Research Advisory Board consist of internal leaders and external members who provide recommendations on strategy and infrastructure, and help to facilitate the development and growth of the Ascension Wisconsin research community.

Sponsored Programs

The Sponsored Programs Office provides professional services to investigators interested in conducting clinical research at Ascension Wisconsin. The Sponsored Programs team facilitates institutional acknowledgements, performs research project financial feasibility, oversees contract and budget development and negotiation, and manages and oversees research grants.  The department also manages the business requirements of engaging in clinical research, such as billing compliance and financial management and reporting.

Clinical Research

Clinical Research supports clinical trials of drugs, devices, and biotechnology. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, coordinated resources and services to researchers, research staff, support staff, and human research volunteers. We ensure research is conducted to the highest standards of safety and ethics, and at the highest standards of scientific design and integrity. The office is staffed with research nurses, coordinators, and support staff. Our aim is for dedicated teams that are nationally certified by the association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA), and/or Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN).

Research Integrity and Protection

Research Integrity and Protection (RI&P) supports the Ascension Wisconsin research community by providing guidance, education and resources to facilitate the conduct of ethical research in accordance with governing federal and state regulations and ministry policies. In addition to overseeing the Institutional Review Board (IRB), RI&P  is responsible for compliance with both institutional policies and federal regulations related to research HIPAA, COI and research misconduct. RI&P also provides research education.