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As part of our faith-based mission to provide the highest-quality care, Ascension Illinois conducts clinical research trials that can lead to better care outcomes for patients.

Clinical research trials test the safety and effectiveness of new therapies in a controlled environment with volunteer participants. Whether it's a promising new cancer drug or a new medical device or surgical approach, clinical trials are essential to advancing medicine and improving care. They can also give these volunteers access to potential new treatments before they become widely available.

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Why choose us?

Typically, if a doctor thinks a clinical trial may be right for you, you often need to head to a distant university medical center. That's because most community health systems don't have the expertise or facilities to conduct ongoing clinical research. However, Ascension Illinois conducts many clinical research trials with the added benefit of having multiple locations close to where you live and work. We offer:

  • Hundreds of clinical research trials, including many of the same national trials offered at university medical centers
  • Clinical trials for a range of cancers, cardiovascular conditions, neurological disorders, behavioral health diagnoses and pediatric conditions such as diabetes and migraines
  • Clinical trials that are led by doctors and include a research team to monitor your progress throughout the trial
  • Protection of participant rights and safety by an independent Institutional Review Board that reviews every clinical trial for approval

At any given time, Ascension Illinois is following more than 300 patients in clinical research trials across specialty therapeutic areas in oncology, cardiology, diabetes, memory disorders, movement disorders, neurovascular, orthopedics, depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, pulmonary, pediatrics and other areas.


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