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The St. John Hospital & Medical Center’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) fee schedule for industry-sponsored research studies reviewed by the IRB is as follows:


  • Initial Review $2500
  • Continuing Review $750
  • Amendments/Revisions $500
  • Expedited Review $150
  • External AE Reports $150
  • Facilitated Review* $500

* Facilitated Review fee is a one-time charge made to the study sponsor when either:

  • SJH&MC or PH&MC are relying on the other IRB for full board review (for reciprocal studies), but conducting an initial facilitated review of the project for their facilities, or
  • When an investigator has been granted permission by the SJH&MC or PH&MC IRB Chair to utilize a Central IRB for review and oversight of a specific research project.